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Generative AI platform for Enterprises

Build secure generative AI applications using your enterprise data



Build Incredible Generative AI Apps with
Wizr AI Studio

Wizr AI Studio is the one-stop platform for enterprises to build their Gen AI apps and workflows quickly and securely, integrating with their data. Build and deploy LLM-based apps in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional methods. 

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Engage and delight your employees using Wizr Ex Suite

Deliver employee delight by providing them support when they need it, round-the-clock. Build an employee-centric organization where employees are treated like customers. Free up your HR team bandwidth to focus on strategic initiatives.


Wizr Cx Suite significantly increases customer support efficiency and improves customer satisfaction across a range of industries.

From SaaS to banking to travel industries, Wizr Cx Suite uses Generative AI to help companies bring intelligence to Customer Support processes.

Premagic has been using a traditional ticketing system for service. With a large number of users on the platform, we receive a high number of tickets, and ensuring customer satisfaction with a small customer support team was a challenge. Wizr was able to prioritize tickets, categorize the tickets and eliminate a number of duplicate tickets resulting in significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Anup Mohan,
CEO, Premagic

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