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Wizr AI Studio

Wizr AI Studio is the one-stop platform for enterprises to build their Gen AI apps and workflows quickly and securely, integrating with their data. Build, train, and deploy LLM-based apps in a fraction of the time and cost using Wizr AI Studio leveraging our pre-trained instructions, prompt chaining, visual builder, content integration  and enterprise grade security.

Wizr AI Studio –Build AI into your documents and business workflows

  • Build and deploy LLM powered apps, super-fast, using your data.

  • Customize Wizr Cx and Ex workflows to fit your corporate processes.

AI studio - Sales Email Generation
AI Studio using Wizr AI
AI Trained with your content
  • Create AI Applications using Managed Vector Memory Stores.

  • Build, test, and deploy Gen AI apps within minutes.

  • Integrate with your content management systems and build AI apps and Workflows on your data

Build workflows, tools or chatbots
  • Integrate AI applications with workflows for automating complex business processes

  • Easily deploy chatbots or agents which are trained on your organizational data

  • Create tools that can do AI tasks  (e.g. review summary) in batches

Build, Manage, Version and Chain Prompts
  • Integrate and manage diverse prompts and Language Models (LLMs) tailored to your specific processes and data.

  • Rapid testing at scale to create right balance between quality, response time, and expenses.

Launch AI Applications in hours
  • Build, test and deploy your AI application in hours.

  • Seamlessly Blend LLM Prompts, Your Data, Python, Javascript, and External APIs for the Ultimate Solution.

Easily Integrate with your enterprise applications
  • Integrate captivating generative AI experiences into your application using the Wizr Integrate SDK.

  • Experience the power of Wizr Batch APIs for asynchronous tasks such as report and outline generation.

  • Configure intricate, lengthy workflows with ease, bringing powerful capabilities


Pre-built solutions that can be deployed quickly

Text Classification and Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analyser

Analyse text for sentiment analysis, accurately classifying a vartying
range of customer sentiments. Can be followed by a workflow or action

Text Classification

Classify and tag text into relevant categories. Kick-off workflow or
action based on tags or categories.

Extract Data and Detect Anomalies

Extract specific data from large files, detect anomalies where there are data mismatches

Extract and Summarize Data

Extract relevant data from large documents, and create summaries for easy consumption

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