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Wizr AI Studio comes with a number of pre-built solutions that can easily bring Generative AI into your business processes. Effortlessly integrate these powerful modules and workflows into your existing systems for rapid productivity improvement.

Knowledge Bots
  • Instantly create a knowledge management system for your company, by connecting to your  data sources and Standard Operating Procedures

  • Get accurate and relevant responses to your employee questions, in a fully automated manner

  • Create specific knowledge agents for different departments/groups 

  • Create Field Agent Assistants, Sales Assistants or Employee Assistants

Sentiment Analyser
  • Analyse text for sentiment analysis, accurately classifying a varying range of customer sentiments. 

  • Can be followed by a workflow or action

  • Quickly build and integrate sentiment analysis with other apps

Data Extraction and Anomaly Detection
  • Extract specific data from large files 

  • Compare data from multiple files to the source file

  • Detect and flag anomalies where there are data mismatches

Document creator
  • Create documents from bullet points and relevant information (e.g legal documents)

  • Use templates to auto-create standard documents and forms

  • Define tone, size and other parameters for the document

  • Integrate approval workflows for approvals

Email Auto-Respond 
  • Auto respond to emails using your enterprise data

  • Use enterprise data for auto-response to simple questions

Voice Call Analyzer
  • Call transcribe and sentiment analysis (CSAT)

  • Evaluate confirmation to SOPs

  • Agent evaluation and scoring

FAQ Bots
  • Upload your website/faq link and instantly create a conversational agent, who works 24/7 for you

  • Accurate and real-time responses to visitor questions. Personalize the tone of the assistant based on your industry or company personality

  • Deliver instant agent support and extract vital insights from customer interactions in real-time.

  • Triage and connect to a real agent for important conversations

Text Classification
  • Auto-classify and tag text into relevant categories. 

  • Kick-off workflow or action based on tags or categories. 

  • Define and assign tag clusters dynamically

Data Extract and Summarize
  • Extract relevant data from large documents

  • Create summaries for easy consumption

  • Trigger approval workflows for summaries

Call Summarizer
  • Automated call and chat interaction summarization 

  • Reduce AHT for enhanced efficiency

  • Drive revenue growth and product enhancement with intelligent insights

Email Auto-Compose
  • Auto-compose emails based on enterprise data

  • AI-powered response and suggestions in real-time conversations.

  • Reduce information search, response formulation, and typing duration.

  • Enabling agents to effortlessly handle multiple interactions.

  • Seamlessly integrate Auto-Compose into your current messaging

Workflow Builder
  • Build AI seamlessly into your processes by using Wizr AI Studio workflow builder, which integrates LLMs, your data, APIs and other relevant information

  • Automate complex processes by combining AI and workflows

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