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Customer Support Reimagined by AI

Re-imagine customer support with Wizr Customer Intelligence Hub, the cutting-edge Generative AI Engine that empowers your customer support team to swiftly resolve issues, enhance CSAT scores, and drive down support expenses. Wizr Customer Intelligence Hub extracts signals from support tickets signals from customers and auto-tag the tickets to identify customer sentiments, issue categories, priorities etc


Average auto-solve/deflection rate


Average productivity improvement


Reduction in time to resolution

Control Room

Wizr Cx Control Room

Wizr Cx Control Room uses Generative AI on your support data to extract signal intelligence from customers to identify and track key trends on metrics like customer satisfaction, issue categories, priorities etc. Provides alerts to different teams including customer success to predict and prevent escalations, and drive revenue.

Wizr Cx Control Room gives analysis
  • Deliver signals intelligence using Generative AI

  • Understand customer sentiment trends across tickets from actual conversational data

  • Understand and cluster issues to address root causes

  • Alerts for different groups for improving CSAT and driving revenue

Cx Agent Assist

Wizr Cx Agent Assist

Wizr Cx Agent Assist makes agents hyper productive by giving them real-time and relevant information during customer interactions, enabling them to solve issues quickly.

  • Provide agents real-time answers using your data

  • Triage issues and prioritize according to intent and sentiment

  • Integrate with multiple systems for a complete view

Wizr Cx Agent Assist in emails
Cx Auto Solve
Cx – AutoSolve using Wizr AI

Cx – AutoSolve

Wizr Cx employs cutting-edge generative AI to build conversational chatbots and workflows with seamless automation, ensuring customers promptly receive the precise answers they seek, in a natural conversational flow.

  • Automate customer interactions

  • Automate email support responses

  • Identify customer intent

  • Customize workflows and deploy them to any channel

Key Benefits

Reduce & Prevent Escalations
Manage Ticket Volumes
Quicker Resolutions & increased CSAT
Integrate with multiple systems for a complete view
Complete visibility & observability across your customer support processes
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