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Press Release: Wizr AI secures $500,000 in angel funding

Platform to use the funds to advance customer support solutions!

Generative AI in customer service

Wizr AI, a Generative AI platform, has secured $500,000 in angel funding to take its customer support and success solutions forward. The company operates out of Bengaluru and Infopark, Kochi.

Founded by IIT/ IIM alumni and entrepreneurs, Sirish Kosaraju and Rajesh Padinjaremadam, Wizr AI has attracted significant investment from angel investors. Upsparks Capital, a Bengaluru-based venture capital fund, Raveendranath Kamath, President, Kerala Angel Network, executives from Meta, Amazon, Intuit, leadership from Aspire Group, and Nitish Kosaraju, CMO at HarmonyCares Medical group, contributed to the funding.

Wizr AI’s flagship product, Cx Hub, brings intelligence and automation to customer service. It analyses customer service tickets, predicting and preventing issues before they escalate. It organises problems for in-depth analysis and evaluates agent performance. Wizr Agent Assist supports customer support agents by offering relevant information from past tickets, suggesting responses, auto-drafting emails, and automating tasks. Wizr Auto Solve, another feature, takes it a step further by automating issue resolution, reducing the workload for agents, and resolving up to 45% of tickets automatically.

“This funding will accelerate our platform’s development and expand our market reach as Wizr AI strives to revolutionise the customer support landscape, turning it into a revenue driver,” said Sirish Kosaraju, Co-founder of Wizr AI.

Wizr.AI is building something futuristic and exciting, and we are happy to be contributing to their journey,” Mohamad Faraz, Founding Partner, Upsparks Capital said.

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