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Employee Success, Reimagined by AI

Re-imagine Employee Support with Wizr Ex Employee Success Platform, the cutting-edge
generative AI Engine that brings your employees, HR Operations and IT systems together to
dramatically improve employee satisfaction and drive business impact across your company

Employees love instant responses from Wizr

Wizr is auto trained with your business data to respond to your employees
round the clock


Automation of employee query resolution


Reduction in average resolution time


Employee queries responded within time

Wizr Ex Buddy – Answers on your fingertips

  • Instant Responses - Instant and accurate responses to employees, whether its a question about travel policies, request to get a new mobile phone or an issue of router not working.

  • Service Desk Automation - Rapidly learns service desk and guides employees through managing service requests through the channels they are comfortable with.

  • Self-learning - Wizr auto learns on new SOPs, policies, wikis etc, so your employees do not have to waste time searching for material

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IT Helpdesk Automation

Liberate your IT Team's Bandwidth for Strategic Initiatives. Let Wizr Handle Routine Tasks and Scale with Your Company's Growth – No Need for Extra Headcount.  Your IT Team Can Now Tackle the Most Complex Challenges.

HR Support Automation

Wizr, learning from your company's wealth of knowledge, including your wiki, HR policies, FAQs, and even past discussions on platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, stands ready to assist your employees around the clock. If a query calls for a human touch, Wizr will promptly elevate it as a request and ensure it reaches the appropriate individual

Wizr Ex Streamline

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Auto-Prioritize employee requests across multiple teams

Wizr auto categorizes issues, prioritize them based on sentiment and level of the person, and assign them to the right team automatically. Ensuring your issue volumes remain under control, and employee satisfaction stays high

Automate responses

While Wizr effortlessly handles common FAQs using your internal knowledge, it possesses the intelligence to spot and elevate requests requiring your team's immediate focus. Rest assured, your employees won't be left twiddling their thumbs, as important matters swiftly ascend to the forefront of your attention, ensuring rapid issue resolution

Manage SLAs to ensure complete employee satisfaction

Wizr offers a scalable solution for efficiently managing incoming issues and optimizing your response and resolution times. Utilize priority-driven SLA targets to
effectively sequence your tasks, ensuring timely and responsive support for every employee

Wizr Ex Engage

Business Consultation

Manage and coordinate employee communications

Automate and streamline your HR tasks, from new hire on-boarding to follow-ups with HR, hiring managers, and payroll, with Wizr.

Personalized employee communications at scale

Automate and streamline your HR tasks, from new hire on-boarding to follow-ups with HR, hiring managers, and payroll, with Wizr. Create personalized touch points with employees on significant occasions, such as anniversaries and promotions, using Wizr's scheduling capabilities

Empowering your team – End-to-end

Instant Answers

Empower Your Workforce 24/7 with Instant Assistance through Unified Internal Knowledge Sources. No more waiting for response from HR. Free up your HR to focus on strategic tasks.

Triage Requests

Triage and manage incoming requests from employees, assign them to the right person based on the need and the sentiment, and work together to deliver requests

Engage & Understand

Gain insights on employee satisfaction across different groups of employees. Understand employee sentiments and changes in sentiment across time. Run action items to manage employee delight.

Improve IT workflows

Dramatically improve IT efficiency by streamlining and automating workflows like provisioning, approvals and reminders.

Manage employee satisfaction across the journey

Manage employee experience at scale across employee lifecycle from on-boarding to exit, while ensuring collaboration from all stakeholders.

Key Benefits

Expand Your HR Team's Potential

Discover how Wizr can free your HR team from operational challenges, transforming them into strategic partners who enhance the employee experience, covering the full employee journey from
on-boarding to off-boarding.

​Experience the Profound Impact and Remarkable Outcomes:

  • Turbocharge HR team productivity

  • Enhance Employee Retention

  • Maximize Enterprise ROI

Join us in empowering your HR team for a transformative journey!"

Optimize IT ops and improve employee satisfaction

​With Wizr, we revolutionize your IT support ops, automating as much as 80% of the manual tasks previously managed by your IT team. This reduction in distractions empowers your employees to thrive in productivity, and dramatically improves employee satisfaction.

Experience the Transformative Results:

  •  Minimize Response Times drastically

  •  Slash Operational Costs

  •  Dramatically improve Employee Satisfaction

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