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Convert customer support 
to revenue center using  Generative AI 

Identify and act on customer sentiments to drive renewals. Predict and deflect customer escalations. Convert customer support to customer delight and revenue.


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Drive revenue, predict and prevent escalations

Wizr Customer Intelligence Hub uses Generative AI on your support data to extract signals from customers and auto-tag the tickets to identify customer sentiments, issue categories, priorities etc. Provides alerts to different teams including customer success to predict and prevent escalations, and drive revenue.

Customer Intelligence using Wizr Customer Intelligence Hub

Make your customer service agents super-human

Wizr Cx Agent Assist brings knowledge across systems to make your agents super productive. Help agents automate their routine tasks like drafting emails to free up the agent to focus on strategic tasks and ensure customer satisfaction. Measures and manages agent productivity

User using Wizr Cx Agent Assist

Lightning-fast resolutions to delight your customers

Wizr Auto Solve uses Generative AI to reduce issue resolution times drastically to bring customer delight

After AI & Automation using Wizr
Mobile user using Wizr AI

Turn your ticketing systems data to intelligence and automation

Wizr connects with systems you already use, and transform the data into intelligence, recommendations and alerts that can be used across your organization to improve customer support and drive revenue


Premagic has been using a traditional ticketing system for service. With a large number of users on the platform, we receive a high number of tickets, and ensuring customer satisfaction with a small customer support team was a challenge. Wizr was able to prioritize tickets, categorize the tickets and eliminate a number of duplicate tickets resulting in significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Anup Mohan,
CEO, Premagic

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